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About The Future of Finance

Backed by more than 30 years of collective experience, Future of Finance is an independent platform dedicated to reforming the financial services industry. Collaborating with experts in a number of fields, our financial practitioners strive to restore stability, productivity, and innovation in the industry, thereby providing great services and rebuilding customer trust.

Who We Are

Comprising experts from throughout the banking, insurance, and asset management industries, our practitioners work with:

Who We Are

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Policymakers

  • Regulators

  • Economists

  • Technologists

  • Lawyers

  • Investors

  • Academics

What Makes Us Different

Future of Finance is not a conference. Nor is it a debating chamber, a discussion forum, a networking event, a talking shop, or a think tank. 

Though it hosts all of these activities, our primary purpose is to change the financial services industry. We aim to achieve our goals through:

What Makes Us Different

  • Identifying Practical Measures for Change

  • Devising Impactful Changes to Law and Regulation

  • Re-Thinking Fiscal, Monetary, and Economic Policies

  • Promoting Innovation, Productivity, Competition, and Stability

How We Work

We hold 1-day meetings on a quarterly basis, and 6 to 8 round table breakfast and lunch meetings throughout the year, where we discuss solutions to major problems in the industry and practical applications thereof.


Drawing on the expertise of all attendees, we devote our time to 4 particular problems or opportunities at each event. Solutions are advanced and tested via an Oxford Union-style debate, a keynote address with Q&A session, and a series of 5-minute soapbox addresses, on which the audience votes.


The most popular ideas from the soapbox addresses form the subject matter of structure round table discussions among attendees. Each round table is chaired by a specific attendee and the conclusions of each discussion are recorded by a chosen rapporteur.

Every event closes with rapporteurs presenting, on behalf of each round table, solutions to their specific problems and opportunities. Each solution is assessed by a panel of experts, who will decide whether to commission further work or abandon the solution as unworkable. Written accounts of all proposed solutions are made available on our website.

Working Groups

Ideas considered worthy of further investigation are assigned to working groups, whose initial membership is composed of members of the round table which devised it. Working groups are free to investigate the solution by any means they choose.

They are expected to report back to the next quarterly event on their progress towards turning the solution into reality, having consulted experts of their choosing and composed a plan for implementation.

Fostering a Culture of Change

Financial Innovation

At Future of Finance, we will bring innovators, disruptors, and thought leaders together with institutions, academics, and regulators, to debate and analyse how traditional and new market players will respond to the ongoing revolution in the provision of financial services.

Important Questions

Important Questions

  • How Can Financial Institutions and Fintech Firms Realise the Benefits of Extreme Automation and New Technologies?

  • With the Advent of Technologies That Will Fundamentally Transform the Financial Services Industry, How Can Legacy Financial Institutions Avoid a ‘Kodak’ Moment?

  • How Will Financial Regulation Develop over the Next Decade?

  • Will Technology Bring Greater Productivity?

  • How Are Financial Institutions Addressing Pay Equity and Upward Mobility across Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation – among Both Employees and Clients?

  • What Challenges Are Ahead and How Can They Be Overcome?

Changes Ahead

We anticipate sweeping changes in the way banking, insurance, and asset management industries are structured, due to:

Changes Ahead

  • AI

  • Blockchain

  • Machine Learning

  • Cybersecurity

  • Quantum Computing

In preparation for these changes, Future of Finance events will provide analysis, debate and case studies from regulators, academics, bankers, asset managers, wealth managers, technologists, and public policymakers in the UK and throughout the world, who are critical to the planning and developing of future strategies for the financial services sector.

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