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  • 26/11/2020 0 Comments
    Interview with Greg Medcraft

    Future of Finance interview with Greg Medcraft, Director of the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs at the OECD. Greg spoke with Dominic Hobson about the OECD’s Blockchain best practice guidance; Regulation around tokenisation; Digital Identity

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  • 26/11/2020 0 Comments
    Interview with Richard Byworth

    Future of Finance Interview with Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex [NASDAQ: EQOS]

    Dominic Hobson explores Richard's thinking about how cryptocurrency and digital assets have evolved and what solutions Diginex offers in security token issuance, trading and custody and more.

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  • 24/11/2020 0 Comments
    Interview with Saum Noursalehi

    A Future of Finance interview with Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZero, on what the company is doing in the burgeoning security token markets.

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  • 11/11/2020 0 Comments
    Second Interview with Lorreta Joseph

    Interview with Loretta Joseph, a Fintech Advisor and Policy Influencer based in Mauritius on Programmable Money and Dominic Hobson, Co-Founder of Future of Finance on the concept of the tokenisation of money and how programmable money differs from traditional money.

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  • 02/11/2020 0 Comments
    Interview with Loretta Joseph

    Loretta regularly advises a number of global organisations on responsible adoption of blockchain technology across policy makers, governments and industry.Loretta is the fintech and regulatory consultant to the Government of Bermuda, Antigua/Barbuda, Serbia and the Premier office of South Australia. Loretta is the consultant to the Financial Services Commission Of Mauritius.

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  • 30/09/2020 - Dominic Hobson 0 Comments
    Interview with Daniel Eidan

    Daniel Eidan is solutions architect and global CBDC and payments lead at R3, the distributed ledger technology firm. A panellist in our recent webinar on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), he monitors the rapidly evolving field of CBDCs for R3, which has published a white paper on the subject and formed a CBDC working group. Dominic Hobson asked Daniel about the drivers behind CBDCs, the current state of CBDC development, the different types of CBDC that are emerging and the potential use-cases for CBDCs.

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  • 29/08/2020 - Dominic Hobson 0 Comments
    Interview with David Barry

    David Barry is global head of hedge fund product at Apex Group, which provides third party fund administration, management company, custody and banking services to alternative asset managers and family offices. In our recent webinar on the Future of Fund Accounting he mentioned a number of areas in which Apex is using new technologies. Dominic Hobson caught up with him again to understand more about how the firm is using AI and blockchain to enhance service capabilities as well as improve operational efficiencies.

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  • 27/08/2020 0 Comments
    Interview with Sam Seaton

    Consumers are increasingly restless about the trade they have made with Big Tech: free services in exchange for personal data. They do not believe they can do anything about it, but in fact they can. What Big Tech has proved is that data is valuable and powerful. So what would happen to the balance of value and power between consumers and Big Business if consumers owned their own data? To find out, watch the Future of Finance interview with Sam Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub.

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