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The Future of Finance Meetings for 2021 will bring together a variety of high-profile financial speakers. We will host a series of discussions, articles and interviews across all of our chosen themes: Data, Digital Identity, Banking, Securities, Asset Management, Law and Regulation, Payments, Money, Insurance, Pensions, Real Estate, Technology and Funding FinTechs. Follow this page for further updates.


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  • 20/04/2021 - Interview 0 Comments
    Wales has found the formula for building a successful FinTech cluster

    The permanent revolution that is Fintech is driven by digital processing power devouring digitised data but it also takes entrepreneurs, capital and a supportive infrastructure to get it started and sustain it. Over the last 20 years Wales has become a living demonstration of the value of anchor financial services firms, research-led universities and local networking and collaboration opportunities – right down to the newly launched FinTech Foundry in Cardiff – that were described as the keys to a successful FinTech eco-system in the recently published Khalifa Report. Sarah Williams Gardener, a former IBM-er and one of the founders of Starling Bank who became CEO of FinTech Wales in November last year spoke to Dominic Hobson about the importance of listening to customers and using data to understand them.

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  • 28/01/2021 - Interview 0 Comments
    The global pandemic has left no aspect of life untouched, and FinTech investing is no exception

    The global pandemic has left no aspect of life untouched, and FinTech investing is no exception. Jan Arp, founding managing partner at Montreal-based Holt Accelerator, the leading early stage FinTech investor in Canada, told Dominic Hobson, co-founder of Future of Finance, that although the pandemic has reduced appetite for early-stage risk, investors have not lost their enthusiasm for the sector. The health crisis is accelerating the digitisation of financial services, and interest in fraud-busting cyber-security technologies that can protect financial institutions from compliance risk as well as crime. Interest in start-ups aiming to transform insurance is also rising. But Canadian FinTechs would like to see the local Open Banking initiative regain momentum.

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  • 06/11/2020 - Wendy Gallagher 0 Comments
    A Future of Finance case study: How peer-to-peer lending platform StepLadder raised money, built its platform and went to market


    Thursday May 6 2021, 14.00 - 15.00 UK time

    StepLadder is a fintech start-up currently embarked on a crowd-funding campaign to fuel its growth as a peer-to-peer borrowing and lending platform for first-time buyers. The company is currently growing its membership by 13 per cent a month and already planning to extend its techniques and technology beyond the housing market. Join the founders at our Future of Finance Case Study at 14.00 London time on Thursday May 6 to find out how they raised the money and built the market, and whether their peer-to-peer platform could help your business grow too.

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