Using blockchain as it was intended to make debt issuance more efficient

As blockchain technology emerges from the Trough of Disillusionment (© Gartner) and ascends the Slope of Enlightenment (© Gartner) the original promise of what it can deliver once it reaches the Plateau of Productivity (© Gartner) is being rediscovered. 

Capexmove, a London-based business applying blockchain initially to the debt markets, emphasises the savings in external and internal reconciliation, internal controls, internal audit and regulatory compliance as the various parties start to work off a single source of information that is always up to date. Reliance on smart contracts to automate asset servicing and compliance checks delivers further economies. Cuneyt Eti, co-founder of Capexmove, told Dominic Hobson how the Capexmove debt tokenisation platform saves issuers, investors and intermediaries time and money.