The meaning of AI, machine learning and robotic process automation in financial markets


Tuesday February 23 2021, 14.00 - 15.00 UK time

Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are impacting the financial services industry across the front, middle and back office. RPA, in which computers handle repetitive, labour-intensive, rules-based tasks in place of or in conjunction with employees, are now well-established in the banking industry. Though it is often claimed that RPA frees up staff to focus on serving clients or higher value or more creative tasks, it is used chiefly as a means of shedding more expensive FTEs. AI and ML, which work by throwing computer processing power and storage at vast quantities of structured and unstructured data, are finding more interesting use-cases than sourcing missing data elements or automating reconciliations. In the wholesale financial markets, better-known instances include investment research (to screen data and documents for investment opportunities) and quantitative asset management (which uses AI-digested machine-readable news and satellite images to feed algorithms). In the back office, AI is used to fillet documents for specific information and identify fraudulent transactions. In retail finance, applications of AI include simple customer transactions, credit scoring by personal lenders, chatbots on personal finance websites and personalised insurance offerings. The longer-term possibilities include a complete revolution in the business of accounting, in which sampling of occurrences judged significant by accountants are replaced by a comprehensive record of every transaction that occurred in the relevant accounting period. The revolution is already under way, in the sense that machines are reconciling accounts and collecting invoices automatically from suppliers before feeding them into accounting software. The panellists at this Future of Finance webinar will explore the threats and opportunities presented by increasingly powerful forms of digital automation.

Topics for discussion include: 

  • The relative importance of cost-cutting versus improved customer service 
  • Whether finance is especially well-adapted to RPA and AI
  • Whether the projected savings are being achieved
  • Attitudes of employees towards the technologies
  • Impact on levels of employment and skill
  • Whether the IT department is a source of resistance to RPA and AI and ML
  • How it alters the threat of cyber-attacks
  • Current natural language processing capabilities
  • Difficulties in working with legacy systems
  • Whether RPA, AI and ML are merging into a single form of intelligent digital automation
  • What RPA and AI cost


Dr Francesco Corea Research Lead at Balderton Capital

Kam Star Senior Product Manager for AI and Emerging technologies of Blue Prism

Bob Bonomo CIO at NextSTOP Consulting

Dr Ian Robotham Client Technical Leader, Financial Services at IBM 

James Dening SVP EMEA at 

Moderator:  Dominic Hobson Co-Founder at Future of Finance

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