Security token markets primed to explode as FINP2P protocol solves the inter-operability problem

In late March 2021 a path to liquidity and growth opened in the security token markets. The Private Markets Digitization Steering Group (PMDSG), a group of banks, financial market infrastructures, technology vendors and FinTechs formed under the umbrella of Global Digital Finance in the spring of 2020 went public with a specification that will make inter-operable blockchain networks a reality for the first time.

FINP2P is a protocol that allows investors to execute token trades on one network and settle and custody them in another, irrespective of whether the networks are built on Ethereum or Corda or any other blockchain technology. This portability could be the decisive breakthrough that capital markets blockchain needs to spark exponential growth. Dominic Hobson spoke to Anthony Woolley, head of business development at Ownera, an institutional-grade blockchain network for security tokens, who doubles as co-chairman of the PMDSG.