For HQLAx tri-party repo is the point of departure not the destination

HQLAx is a properly funded start-up using the R3 Corda variant of blockchain technology to improve the ability of banks to mobilise eligible collateral, wherever it is, by tokenising assets while leaving them exactly where they are.

Users expect the service to yield massive benefits in capital and liquidity savings as well as lower operational costs, but the stated aim of the venture - “frictionless ownership transfers of assets” - is capable of extension far beyond the starting-point. Future of Finance co-founder Dominic Hobson spoke with Tilman Fechter, a Member of the Executive Board and Head of Banking, Funding and Financing at Clearstream Banking and also a member of the Board of HQLAx, and Nick Short, chief operating officer (COO) at HQLAx, about the short and long term ambitions of the business.